My blog posts and a curation of other internet activity

I tend to hide my blog posts in different parts of the internet as well as disguise them as GitHub issues, discussions and long Twitter threads. This is a curation of all those things to help you find any potentially interesting bits.

This is by no means complete and might not always be up to date, so follow me on different platforms if you want the latest stuff!

React Query SSR docs rewrite

This full rewrite of the SSR docs for the upcoming v5 adds a lot of new content and splits everything into 4 guides that builds knowledge step-by-step: Performance & Request Waterfalls, Prefetching & Router Integration, Server Rendering & Hydration and Advanced Server Rendering.

Fixed transition hydration bug in React Query

Page navigation in the Next.js app router always happen in a transition. Hydrating data that already existed in the cache inside a transition would previously overwrite the cache immediately, instead of after the transition had committed.

Released rollup-plugin-preserve-directives

Rollup by default removes directives like 'use client'. I made a plugin to preserve them so libraries using Rollup can still support React Server Components.

useSyncExternalStore's role in streaming SSR

I saw this great question about uSES on Twitter, "Is useSyncExternalStore meant to support streaming SSR?" and I tried to explain how I think about it.

Improve React Query hydration, Streaming SSR & Server Components

There is a lot of potential for React Query to support the new React API's for streaming SSR and Server Components. There are also some current edge cases to fix. In this GitHub discussion I outline an early plan for getting there.

React streaming data hydration questions

For streaming SSR and Server Components to come into full bloom, there needs to be a way to also stream data from the server to the client. One way React will support this is through de/rehydrating Promises between RSC's and Client Components, and I had some questions.

Improving the loading experience at PriceRunner

An overview of what we did to improve the loading experience at PriceRunner, focused on the user perspective rather than technical details, where we explain the challenges we were trying to solve and the improvements we made as a first step.

React suspense and server rendering

Back when Suspense was first revealed at JSConf Iceland 2018 I had some ideas about how this could apply to server rendering too. How far off was I? Read and find out.